Our firm is strongly qualified for dealing with issues relating to administrative law, thanks to long- standing business relationships with healthcare organizations, regional agencies and investee companies in the Campania region (e.g. ASL Napoli 1, ASL Caserta, Regional Agency for the Protection of the Environment of Campania, Sant’Anna and San Sebastiano Hospital in Caserta, Italian Aerospace Research Centre). We have also assisted private companies of national importance based throughout Italy operating in the industries of catering, oil, automotive and aviation, as well as the collection and recycling of used clothing.

We offer qualified support to our clients based on over thirty years of experience matured in the following areas:

    • Public procurements of works, services and supply, services concessions (both in the procedure for choosing the contractor and in the execution) in favor of contracting entities (e.g. Public Administrations, bodies governed by public law, Public Participation Companies) and private companies of national importance.
    • Public contracts (their preparation, negotiation and execution)
    • Urban planning, construction industry, acoustical planning, environmental problems (e.g. remediation of polluted sites)
    • Expropriation for public purposes, both in the phase aimed at the definition of the public work and its characteristics and in the phases of possession and expropriation
    • Accreditation and acquiring in the healthcare industry between hospitals and private entities
    • Regime and management of public assets
    • Tax liability for public authorities, investee companies and trade union of the Court of Auditors
    • Anti-corruption and transparency legislation for public authorities and public investee companies

Judicial activities are carried out before Italian Regional Administrative Courts and before the Council of State. We personally take part in precautionary and merit hearings and we work in synergy with a network of qualified professionals located in our territory.